Our most powerful asset in the quest for peace in this world is ourselves. It is within us. It is being who we are in our most natural state, embracing it fully, and beaming it out into the world.

This will save the world.


Love – of ourselves, others, all.
No fear.
Being who we are.
This is power. This is might.

Our attention is our SUNLIGHT.
Whatever we focus upon grows.
We cannot focus upon what we don’t want and expect it to go away.

We must turn away.
We must turn toward what we want.
Not some of the time. All of the time.

We only have this moment. What will you focus upon in the only moment you have? Love? (Or fear) Something you can control… Such as bringing your best and fullest self out into the world? (Or things outside of yourself).

Words are one tool we have to express who we are and to do something for the betterment of all of humanity and all living things.

Who are you????

Please tell us!
Please live it.

2 thoughts on “I AM

  1. Writing is definitely a healty habit and a brilliant means to share whatever we feel that’s lacking in this world of ours. Words say a lot, say it all.

    1. Glad to be introduced to your writing today 🙂 Love is it. Let’s keep going, my friend.

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