Meet Lindsey

I love this girl.  We’ve never met in person.  Her writing is refreshingly, exceptionally real.  I relate to her and her life experience in many ways.  This post is likely NOT what you would expect to read on this blog.  I’ve said it before, The Happy Life Academy and happiness is not about joy alone.  It is about honoring ourselves and where we are.  It’s about being real.  It’s about truth.  It’s about looking at the beliefs we hold that cause us unnecessary pain and seeing how we can employ what is in our power to heal, make life less of a struggle, and to experience genuine, heartfelt comfort and joy more often no matter what our circumstances or the conditions in which we live.

Trust her when she says she doesn’t need fixing.  Trust her when she says she doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her.  Trust that she does not want you to reach out to her.

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