Very often, as I’m going about my day, I begin singing songs in the back of my mind.  When I become aware of it, I realize that the words have a message that is relevant for me at that time.

One day, I decided I would ask Source for a clear message via a song coming to mind.  I had some very specific things that I’d wanted for some time and the fact that they hadn’t yet manifested was frustrating and upsetting me.

The song “Let It Be” came to mind immediately.  And, I heard those words for the first time in my life in a completely NEW way.

Before that moment, I always thought of ‘letting it be’ as putting it down.  Just let it be for now.  I thought of letting it be in the passive sense, in the comforting sense.

In that moment, I heard it as:

ALLOW – just allow it, don’t get in the way of what is on the way

IT – the “its” you’ve spent your life defining and about which you’ve become quite passionate

BE – ‘be’ in the most active sense of the word —- B – E – E – E – E

LET what you want BE in your life.

Here is an Abraham-Hicks video that does a fantastic job of describing in more detail this point.  I hope that reading this and listening to the video will make you feel aligned, at ease, and excited!




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