What Do YOU Stand For?

We live in incredible times! With the click of a mouse, we can be a part of making someone’s dreams come true. For most of us, we recall a time when we didn’t have that kind of power at our fingertips.

Now, we do!

We also are faced with rapid-fire decisions to make each and every day as a result of technology. Do I accept this person’s request to connect?  Do I support this cause?  We are forced more than ever to be in touch with who we are and what we want.  Some may say this is a negative thing. I say, “Hooray!”

Life is a lot less about waiting for our ship to come in or about the big moments as it is about the little decisions we make each day.

Do you want more happiness in your life?  Get to know yourself better.

Do you want more love in your life?  Get to know yourself better.

Do you want to do more meaningful work?  Get to know yourself better.

Do you want more success?

Do you want more money?

Do you want to have more fun?

The better you know yourself, the better decisions you make in the little moments that add up to big things. It’s ALL  in your hands. And, you can do it all!!

Jackie's Dream

Here is a young woman who believes in doing it all and is dedicating her life to her dreams because she understands that this is the best thing she can do not only for herself, but for her loved ones, acquaintances, and complete strangers.  Please, strongly consider voting for her in this contest. A CLICK OF THE MOUSE WILL BE A PART OF MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE.  Yes, I believe she will help many others make their dreams come true throughout her lifetime and this will be a help to her in doing that.

All you have to do is share this web address on any and all social networks:  http://www.mydestination.com/users/rtwadventurer/bbb#.UUme8BmNdJO  If you go to the page, you’ll learn more about full-of-beauty, full-of-wonder Jackie.

THANK YOU and much love to you – JULIE

The Happy Life Academy   –  GET HAPPY. Change the World.


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5 thoughts on “What Do YOU Stand For?

  1. Julie! This absolutely made my day–what a joyous and dream-affirming surprise to see this in my newsfeed just now! I whole-heartedly support you and all you’re doing to invite people to claim happiness. I remember realizing at one point during college that I kept postponing my happiness with “One days…” and “If I complete… then I’ll be happy,” which is very easy to do in our society, but deciding to be happy NOW and to pursue my dreams has made all the difference. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement–means the world to me! ❤

    1. Awwww thank you, Jackie!!! I so appreciate your support. I’m THRILLED to be able to help you pursue your dreams and be the inspiration you are in any way that I can!! GOOD LUCK with the contest!!

      1. Likewise Julie! Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to support you! We’re all in this together! 🙂

        ::crossing fingers & toes:: and of course, holding the space 😉 Thanks again!

    1. Jim, I’m very grateful..thank you! I really enjoy your blog, your wit, and your sense of humor. Thank you for all that you do to affect positive change in this world!

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