Nothing Can Go Wrong

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I had an appointment with the doctor a few nights ago.  When the appointment was over, I approached the checkout window. I noticed a water hole, of sorts, dug into the floor.  It was placed, strangely enough and for who knows WHAT reason, directly in front of the checkout window.  As I attempted to maneuver around it and get to the window, I fell.  I found myself laying on my back in the water hole.  Oh, and did I mention I was four months pregnant?

Yeah, this all happened that night…in a dream.

And, there’s more.  As I lay on my back, a crocodile appeared and decided to drape him or herself across my body. The beast’s head was right next to the left side of mine.  At this point, I started calling for help. There were people all around.  The thoughts running through my head included, “Surely, someone must see what is happening to me.” I was also thinking, “This is RIDICULOUS! How could anyone have a water hole in the floor of their office and directly in front of the checkout window?”  (Interpretation:  “This is their fault. They are all wrong.  They are crazy.  It’s causing me pain.”)

Needless to say, I was terrified of the crocodile.  I wanted help before it bit me.  My mind was certain it would bite me.  Logic told me so.  And, logic told me that others would help someone who is four months pregnant laying in a small pool of water with a crocodile over her.

Yet, the people carried on about their business and didn’t seem to notice the situation or my cries for help.  I couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, the whisper of my instincts was trying to tell me that everything was OK.  Yes, it was an odd set of circumstances and had the potential to be what one might consider calamitous.  However, it wasn’t and by fearing what MIGHT be, as well as focusing on my desire for others to help me, I was giving up my power over my feelings and over the croc.  I was feeling terrified.  I was shunning the instincts that told me everything was OK….freakin weird, but OK.  AND, I was making the potential for the croc to bite me even GREATER.  When I just accepted the situation and did what came instinctively, the croc was at bay.  When I let fear take over and called for others, I could sense the croc being more prone to strike.


  • Don’t let the potential for something bad to happen take over attention If it’s not happening right now, it’s not happening. Fear of something possibly happening can bring that thing about. (Note: I drafted this post a day ago.  I JUST experienced a situation in real life reflecting the dynamics of this dream and the feelings generated by the circumstances.  It was MY dream and I wrote about it….still, I allowed the perceived danger to take over. I hope that you are quicker to learn than I!)
  • Don’t let the ‘crazy’ things other people do occupy any mindshare or become the object of focus. It’s not relevant. We can’t control others and there is absolutely no need to do so.
  • Don’t define ‘OK’ by anything other than, “I am, therefore, I’m OK.”  There is truly nothing to fear.
  • Finally, don’t let what is going on around influence how you feel Accept what seemed unacceptable in the past.  This is empowering and it makes us feel so much better along the way.


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3 thoughts on “Nothing Can Go Wrong

  1. LOVE this! Great reminder and what a powerful dream to have! There is noting to fear. NOTHING. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Currie Rose. I’m glad you found it helpful! Since I had the dream and posted this, I’ve had a metaphorical crocodile draped over me with all the accompanying crazy circumstances. Reading this has helped me when I’m convinced it will strike and when I sense myself saying, “Can’t anyone else see how crazy this situation is?”

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