Another thing I’ve learned from #LifeWithRiley

Captain Bill's Boat Ride, Seneca Lake, August 2014
Captain Bill’s Boat Ride, Seneca Lake, August 2014

(A draft I forgot to post until now! Riley is now 2 1/2 years old.)

I recall being told before Riley was born that someone’s child with Trisomy 21 began walking when he was 3. As Riley and I walked up the driveway on this beautiful September evening, I was filled with joy watching him walk so confidently and briskly.

On this night, Riley is just shy of 23 months old. He began walking at 18 months.

Here’s the thing, it has never mattered to me when he would walk. I didn’t put thought into when I wanted him to walk. For damn near every moment of his life and my pregnancy, I have not thought ahead or been fearful.  I have loved him with all my heart and stayed in the present moment.

Why can’t i do this as consistently in other areas of my life?!
I’ve learned that when it comes to some other things in my life, contrary to how I’ve approached Riley walking, I tend to think about WHEN something will flow into my experience/happen? I hope it will be by certain dates and, when that doesn’t happen, I’m disappointed, frustrated, and concerned. I’ve learned that I may want to take the same approach with these other things as I’ve taken with Riley learning to walk (and all of his other developmental milestones).

So, from now on, my intention is to not think about when things will come. I will not wonder. I will not hope for a specific time.

I will have the KNOWING that it WILL happen. I will BE and be loving toward myself, all my relations, and to life … at all times.

I believe the things I want will flow … confidently and briskly .. period.

I hope you will believe with all your being that something you want will happen without thought of when or how.

No Need to Feel The Burden of Fixing The World’s Problems

I don’t want to change the world.

I want to be as glorious as I can be while I’m here.

I don’t need to think about where humanity has been or where it’s going.  We don’t need to think about the world in terms of fixing it.

A flower blooms and then it dies.  While it’s blooming, in all its glory, it affects the things that come in contact with it in a positive way.  Those things that come in contact with it continue on and there’s a good chance they will bring at least some of the positivity they experienced from their interaction with the flower into their subsequent interactions for awhile.flower_joanne bartone

If that flower were to look at everything in the world and see ‘problems’ and feel a sense of obligation to fix those perceived problems for all living things from this point in time forward, if it were filled with worry and fear and didn’t go about it’s business of blooming, we’d all be missing out and it would be missing the point of why it’s here and what it’s here to do.

Please don’t let myself and others miss out on you in all your glory while you’re here.

Image by Joanne Bartone

Low Hanging Happiness Fruit

It is almost so simple that many don’t believe it. Drinking the amount of water it says here each day is one of the low hanging fruits of a happier life. Emotions and our mental state are greatly impacted by the dehydrated states many of us unknowingly live in.

One Web Strategy

Did you know that an adult can go weeks without food, but will die after about 10 days without water?

Even mild dehydration can sabotage your health, your productivity, your mind and your emotions. Give your body the nourishment it’s craving by building a diet that consists of 70 percent water-rich foods like lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.


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